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What Type of Fur Parent Are You?

Do you know what type of pet parent you are?

Today, many people consider their dogs as part of their families. Many people no longer just see their dogs as man’s best friend or as pets. They are treated like they are part of the family.

Every dog parent has a unique approach to raising their pets. While many fur parents love to keep their dogs active whenever possible, others like their dogs to just sit and chill at home.

So, which type of dog parent are you? What do your parenting skills say about you? In this post, we will share a few of the most common types of fur parents that might describe you.

The Family Ties Dog Parent

Dogs are part of the family

This type of fur parent often goes the extra mile for their pets, just like they would for their human family members. A family ties dog parent would never think twice about spending on their dog’s needs—from grooming to healthcare, and everything in between. Although they love to pamper their dog, these fur parents also know how to respect that dogs are still dogs and have special needs that are different from human kids.

Dogs living with this type of pet parent are often well-balanced and behaved. Their pet parents shower them with the right love and attention. Dogs are allowed to roam freely around the house, join in daily activities, and respect the boundaries set by their humans.

The Helicopter Dog Parent

While helicopter parenting may not be the best parenting approach for raising kids, there are various studies that claim a healthy measure of clingy-ness and overprotectiveness is beneficial if you have a pet dog.

Researchers found out that dog owners who showed the highest dependence levels on their pets express the greatest affection for them. Unlike humans, dogs need lifelong parenting, and they can benefit from helicopter parents.

Helicopter parents love to shower their dogs with only the best. They do not feed their canine companions with generic dog food. If you are a helicopter dog parent, you may even find yourself cooking delicious meals and providing vitamins, supplements, and nutritious treats for your dog.

Additionally, helicopter fur parents also make sure that their dogs are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. They dress their pooch with warm sweaters for cold days. If your dog feels unwell, you might even resort to taking a day off from work or shorten your vacation time so you can take care of your dog as soon as possible. Helicopter dog parents keep their eyes on their dogs using a webcam or pet monitor whenever they are away. They also love taking photos and videos of their dogs to capture every moment of their lives.

The De-Facto Dog Parent

This type of pet parent may have probably read every book about dogs and just loves talking about it. If you have any questions about ticks, fleas or strategies to train puppies, they will gladly share information about the matter. De-facto fur parents may be well-informed, but they might end up giving you an earful on the pros and cons about the type of leash you are using or reminding you to use biodegradable dog-poop bags instead of an old shopping bag. Unfortunately, other dog owners may find a know-it-all quite annoying. However, sharing information, especially about dog’s wellbeing, is coming from a place of love.

The Authoritarian

Authoritarian paw-rents have strict rules for their dogs

Unlike other types of dog parents, authoritarian parents do not treat their dogs as members of the family, but merely as pets. As the name implies, they have dead set rules that are not meant to be broken. Their pets do not have the full run around the house and are trained to stay in designated areas in the house.

Dogs with authoritarian parents are not being abused—they are not spoiled, either. They feed them with the recommended amount of food at a specific time and in a specific area. There is absolutely no sneaking of extra treats.

Although they are known for their stern approach, authoritarian dog parents are extremely responsible when it comes to feeding, grooming, sheltering, and exercising their pets.

If you are an authoritarian pet parent, you may want to consider easing your rules sometimes. Spontaneous snuggles and a bit of playtime with your pooch from time to time is a joyful experience that your furry companion will enjoy.

The Permissive Dog Parent

Just like humans, permissive fur parents love to spoil their dogs. They usually do not set rules and only do a bit, if any, of dog training. Most new dog owners are permissive dog parents as they still lack experience in training their dogs. Unfortunately, their dogs will cheerfully ignore commands and do anything they want to do. When dogs lack proper training and discipline, they will snatch food out of your hand or off the table. These dogs will push other pooches around in dog parks and relieve themselves inside your house simply because you give no consequences to their actions.

Although permissive fur parents greatly love their dogs, they lack the need to set house rules and training, reprimand bad behaviour, and reward good behaviour in a healthy way.

Permissive pet parents may think that dogs prefer lenience over strict rules, your dog may actually feel more secure and happier if you set some reasonable boundaries to show them the kind of behaviour that will or will not be tolerated.

The Worrisome Dog Parent

The worrisome dog parents are often a bit of hypochondriac. When they notice anything unusual about their dog’s behaviour, they think something is wrong with their pet.

Being a dog parent, it is our responsibility to take good care of our pet. However, this worrisome behaviour borders on neuroticism. This type of paw-rent entices their pooch with treats, from ice cream to fried chicken whenever their dog seems down just to make them happy

However, this might not be a healthy treatment for dogs. A little bit of frown, pleading look, or sign, and they know that these things will set a worrisome parent into treat mode. Dogs love to respond accordingly to this behaviour—because who doesn't love treats?

Unfortunately, indulging your dog with treats can make them gain extra pounds, putting them at risk of obesity. When overweight dogs start to act sluggish, this will become a reason for concern and more treats. While being concerned about your dog is normal for all dog parents, keep in mind that a bit of cuddle time and gentle stroke are the best medicines—not treats.

Whatever type of fur parent you are, giving your dog a good and healthy life. As much as we want to be there each moment for our dogs, we need to attend to our daily chores and jobs. Luckily, there are professionals whom we can trust our dogs while we are away. Call Hot Diggity Dogs Toronto at 647-931-9103 to learn more about our Etobicoke Dog Walking Services.



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