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How to Find the Right Daycare for Your Dog

How to Find the Right Daycare for Your Dog

Leaving your furbaby with a random stranger can be a stressful ordeal. However, there are certain situations that you can’t avoid. Fortunately, there are establishments that specialize in pet care. They can take care of your furbabies while giving you peace of mind.

Finding a doggy daycare or dog sitter that provides holistic care to your pets while you’re away is not always easy. With so many options and services available, from dog walking to boarding, it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right daycare for you.

You’ll have to consider multiple factors that will affect the quality of care that they’ll provide to your furbaby. To make a more informed decision, here are some tips to help you in your search for the right puppy daycare:

1. Determine their staff-dog ratio

A well-staffed doggy daycare should have a 1:15 employee-to-dog ratio. A single staff member should be able to control and handle at least 10 dogs with 15 as the maximum to make sure that they remain in control and can exercise authority.

2. Ask about their emergency medical plan

Accidental bites, scratches, and aggressive attacks are common in dog daycares. This is especially when a dog is unable to adapt to the new environment or if the caretaker is mishandling the dog.

When choosing a dog daycare, make sure that they have a comprehensive plan to get swift emergency medical care when such incidents happen. A quick response is always crucial. Ask about details regarding emergency rabies shots and antiseptic equipment.

3. Find out if the dog walkers are bonded, licensed, and/or insured

Insured dog walkers can sometimes be hard to come by in local areas since most of the people who offer such services only do it as a side hustle. However, you should always look for these pertinent papers as they protect both you and the dog walkers themselves. Good insurance will cover injuries and medical bills as a result of dog attacks, slip accidents, damage to property, and pet euthanasia.

All these cover likely situations that your dog walker may face during the job. If they don’t have insurance, you might be the one who’ll end up paying for everything.

4. Check the staff training

An excellent doggy daycare should have a well-trained staff. This means that they should be certified by legitimate kennel clubs and can handle dogs in groups. Situations handled by a private dog sitter are different from daycare since the latter have more dogs to oversee.

It is vital for the staff to be able to handle the stress and activity of multiple dog groups of various breeds and temperaments. For a closer look into their operations, try to observe how the personnel handle any scuffles or shy dogs in their care.

5. Request a temperament test

Each dog has their own temperament. Not every furbaby will be fit for doggy daycare. Instead of just sending your puppy out right away, try to assess its reaction first to the daycare environment. You can try to inquire if the daycare offers temperament tests or trial runs, where furbabies can react to the routine, and if they can adapt to it. If they can do so, then your dog is in good hands.

6. Inquire about their toy policy

Ask if your dog can bring their favourite toy with them

Dogs are territorial by nature. Even if it’s a bone, toy, or blanket, some dogs can show intense aggression when other dogs try to cross their boundaries. To ensure that your dog does not cause any issues in the kennel, try inquiring with the daycare regarding their toy policy.

Ask them if dogs are allowed to bring their favourite toys or if they offer their special ones. If your dog is prone to aggressive territorial behaviour, make sure to ask the staff if they’ll be able to handle it.

7. Find out if they follow a schedule

Pets and their furparents have an established routine. Whether the dog is an indoor or outdoor pet, they already know how to act. Now, this structure is incredibly important to your dogs as it provides a clear line of hierarchy and obedience. However, inside a daycare, when you’re not present, reliance on routine and established hierarchy may fall flat. This may cause some behavioural problems. If your dog is very particular when it comes to eating, napping, and playing times, it may be difficult for them to acclimatize. Inquire if the daycare has a schedule. If they do, check if it matches what your dog is accustomed to.

8. Ask about the appropriate groupings of dogs

Some breeds tend to be more aggressive or active than others. Ask the daycare about how they separate dogs from each other. Is it by age, size, play style, temperament, or breed? Knowing this information beforehand will help you decide whether your dog will be able to adapt to the daycare’s environment.

9. Drop by and take a tour of their facilities

For a more extensive look into the facility, why not visit the daycare itself? During your visit, make sure to consider factors such as proper gating, good ventilation, solid fencing, and safe flooring to determine whether the daycare can provide the best care for your furbaby.

10. Ask for referrals

Visiting a daycare’s website will only show you a surface-level picture of how they handle dogs. The best way to find the best doggy daycare in your area is to ask your fellow furparents. Listen to their experiences and insights. You can also directly ask them for referrals.

Showering your furbaby with endless love and care is a given for any parent. However, how can you ensure that the dog daycare provides the same level of affection you give your dog? It is your responsibility to choose the best caretakers for them. As you look for doggy daycares in your area, don’t settle for the first one that you see. Put on some extra effort and do your due diligence. For professional dog handlers that you can trust come to Hot Diggity Dogs. We offer affordable rates for our puppy and dog daycare services in Etobicoke. Our staff are also bonded, insured, and licensed. Call us now at (647) 931-9103.



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