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Building a Strong Bond With Your Dog

Building a Strong Bond With Your Dog

We often hear the word “love” when it comes to the dog-human relationship. However, what many people overlook and do not talk much about is the “bond” between a fur parent and their dog.

Our love for our dogs develops naturally but flourishing a strong bond with your pet usually requires time and attention. Forming a strong bond is essential for the foundation of your entire relationship with your pet.

A happy and solid bond with your dog goes more beyond just love and training. Cementing a dog-human bond also involves building trust and mutual respect and regard to ensure you and Fido have a healthy and thriving relationship.

Factors that Affect the Bond-Building Process

There are several factors that can affect the bond-building process with your dog.

  • Dog’s Age - Old rescue dogs may have fixed preferences and habits that you may find difficult to change.

  • Training Methods - Using old-school disciplinary training techniques can make your dog less likely to cooperate during the bonding process.

  • Dog Breed - Some dog breeds may be less affectionate and prefer a relaxed bond.

  • Personal History - Adult rescue dogs that lack socializing or have been neglected or traumatized may find it hard to warm up to the bond-building process.

How to Create a Solid Bond With Your Pooch

The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be

For thousands of years, dogs have been considered as man’s best friend. Our furry pets are known for their unconditional love, but sadly, there are times when we take their love, companionship, and loyalty for granted. Like any human relationship, it requires a bit of extra effort to build a strong and lasting relationship with your dog.

Here are several helpful tips that will ensure your bond with your dog reach new heights:

  • Spend Time Together

Building a strong relationship is about spending time together and sharing experiences. Having a good, enjoyable time is one way of strengthening your bond with your dog. Try going out to the park and put in some quality dog bonding activities.

  • Know Your Dog’s Body Language

Taking the time to observe the movements and actions of your dog can help you recognize and respond to stress and other potential problems before they get worse. Knowing what your dog likes and dislikes can make it easier to make every experience a positive one. Knowing how to read your dog’s body language also helps them feel understood and respected.

  • Use Positive Training

Using dog-friendly, positive training methods comes with some amazing benefits—teaching your dog to be polite and establishing a team dynamic. Positive training involves phrasing and rewarding your dog to reinforce good behaviours. Training your dog continuously not only helps establish their skills but also provides essential mental stimulation.

  • Use Consistent Words and Signals

Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen

Understanding your dog is equally important for making your dog understand you. When training your dog, make sure to use the same words and signals constantly. Consistency also applies to rules. For instance, allowing your dog to sleep in the bedroom one day and punishing them for it the next days can give them a hard time understanding and trusting you. Like any relationship, establishing effective communication is key in building a successful bond.

  • Spend a 1-on-1 Playtime Together

Spending 1-on-1 playtime together is one of the best ways to create a strong bond with your dog. Playtime is a happy time for most dogs. Even if you have a busy schedule, make sure to allot some time for a bit of playtime every day. It can be as quick as 10 minutes of tug-o-war or fetch outdoors. Fun playtime with your dog associates you with positive experiences that go beyond simply being his provider.

  • Exercise Together

Getting regular exercise is not only good for you and your dog’s health and well-being but also helps you grow closer together. Running, biking, or walking with your dog creates a fun routine that allows your dog to discover and enjoy new sights and smells. Your dog can be your workout buddy, which means you do not have to spend money on a gym membership.

  • Bond Through Brushing

Grooming your dog regularly does not only maintain their coat but also helps establish a strong connection between you and your dog. You do not have to bring your dog to a grooming centre. You can invest in high-quality brushes and other essential dog grooming tools. Although your dog may feel hesitant at first, using gentle encouraging words and affection can help your dog feel confident and eventually grow to love the experience.

  • Hand Feed Them With Treats

Using your hand to reward your dog with delicious store-bought or homemade dog treats is another good way to reinforce a special bond with your dog. Hand-feeding your dog also teaches them to pay attention to you and your commands. Rewarding your dog’s good behaviour with treats can help gain their trust, as well as show them that you are their provider.

  • Cuddle Your Dog

Engaging your dog in physical activities is good for their health, but they also need to slow down and spend some relaxing and cuddling time with you. Cuddling is a nice, relaxing way to bond. Physical contact gives your dog a sense of safety and comfort, as well as lets them know they are a part of your pack. Cuddling can be as simple as chilling on the couch and sleeping on the bed.

  • Give Them Praises

Praising your dog can make them feel accomplished. Many dog lovers do not realize that dogs also need to feel a sense of purpose. A dog’s purpose may be as simple as pleasing you. Seeing you pleased makes them feel productive. Make sure to reward them with plenty of treats and praise them for their good behaviour. These simple acts can make them feel close to you.

Taking time to be mindful of the things that creates a strong connection between you and your dog can show them how much you care. Even if you spend hours away working in the office and leaving your furry pet in the care of trusted doggy daycare in Etobicoke, make sure to bond with them at home.

If you are looking for a relaxed, undisrupted, and dog-friendly environment where you can entrust your dog while away at the office or running some errands, call Hot Diggity Dogs at 647-931-9103 to learn more about our dog walking and daycare services.



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