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8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

There are many ways you can do to please your beloved furry canine friend. We give them tasty treats, take them for walks, and shower them with attention. Unfortunately, there are some things that dog owners do that their pet secretly hates. Since they are loyal and easygoing creatures, dogs tend to tolerate human behaviours.

To keep our furry friends happy, take note of this bone-fide “no thank-you” list that dogs wish we would not do.

  • Hugging

The Internet offers a plethora of blogs explaining why you shouldn’t hug your dog. Wrapping your arms around your pooch might give you a warm feeling, but most dogs do not like being hugged. While hugging signifies camaraderie and support among primates, it indicates an act of dominance, particularly if a dog puts a foreleg or paw on another dog’s back.

Dogs may consider it a threat when you place your arms around their neck or body. Luckily, your dog may tolerate your gentle hugs, but it does not necessarily mean they like them.

So, how do you know if your dog hates being hugged? There are several signs to look out for. Pay attention to their body language when you go in for a cuddle:

  • Body tenses up

  • Leans their head away

  • Avoids eye contact

  • Licks their lips

  • Keeps their mouth closed

  • Pulls their ears back against their head

All these are signs of discomfort. The next time you want to go in for a hug, watch out for these signals to know if your dog is okay with it or not.

  • Dressing Them Up

Unless your dog is used to getting dressed up, there is a possibility that your dog hates wearing clothes and other accessories. Although your dog may look cute in fancy dog outfits or costumes, many do not enjoy them. If your pet seems uncomfortable, do not force them into a costume.

While some dogs can tolerate wearing simple clothing items like shirts, most dogs loathe outfits that cover their head or feet. If you are taking your dog outside for a walk on a cold day, choose small, lightweight clothing and associate them with treats and eventually work your way up to jackets, sweaters, and booties. Pay attention to their body language to see if they are comfortable with the outfit.

  • Not Letting Your Dog Sniff and Explore During Walks

Taking your dogs for a walk is more than just exercise for them. Walking your dog is an adventure. It opens up a world of scents and sights that activates their senses. Unlike humans who explore the world first through sight, dogs dig into scents first, then with their other senses. Dogs definitely hate it when you rush them during walks, not allowing them to stop and pick up scents along the way. Think about it. You do not want someone to drag you by the arm when you want to stop at your favourite shop. When this happens too frequently, it can be pretty frustrating for your dog. The next time you take your dog for a walk, make sure to give them time to explore and enjoy the environment.

  • Kissing

While pets love getting attention from their fur parents, grabbing their face and planting a huge smooch on their forehead or nose is a big no for them. You may notice that dogs will lean away when you come towards their face. Dogs consider this as an invasion of their personal space. This simple action can cause dogs to bite. That is why parents should warn their children about grabbing their dog’s face and kissing it.

  • Patting Their Head

Patting your dog’s head may be a gesture that conveys affection, but it is one of the things owners do that dogs hate. Your dog may put up with its act simply because they know and trust you. Some dogs tend to lean away slightly when you reach for their face to pet them. Dogs also need their personal space as much as we do.

If you want to interact with your furry friend, start by gently petting her back or rear. Dogs prefer having their heads, including their ears and the sides of their faces stroked. Gentle strokes can make your dog happy, making them lean in for more. Another way to reward your dog is by giving them a rub on their rear end, right by their tail.

  • Lack of Routine and Rules

Like humans, dogs may not like rules, but they need these for training. One of the reasons why dogs are unruly is because of the lack of rules. Training is essential as it provides a structure in their life. On the other hand, having a routine in place is crucial as dogs have an internal body clock. Establish their routine by feeding them or taking them out for a walk at the same time every day if possible. Having a structured dog routine and rules helps make their world more predictable. After a few days of training them, you will notice a happier and more confident dog.

  • Yelling and Harsh Punishment

It is never good to yell or impose a harsh punishment on your dog. Dogs may not understand what you are saying, but they can pick up on your emotions. Yelling or giving them harsh punishment can upset or scare your dog, especially if they are sensitive or fearful. Furthermore, harsh dog training does not help establish respect. This method does not help in the long run as it can only make your dog desensitized.

Using positive reinforcement proves to be the most effective training for your dog. It helps fix unwanted behaviour and redirect them towards good behaviour without having to yell or smack them. Training your dog to commands like “drop it” or “leave it” commands them to stop from nibbling something they should not. You can also get their attention by teaching them “come” and “watch me” commands. Dog experts say that dogs are more likely to follow you when you issue a request rather than using non-specific commands like “no” or “stop.”

  • Being Left on Their Own

One of the things dogs hate the most is being left on their own. Leaving them alone at home all day can cause them a great deal of stress. Even a few moments without you can make them feel anxious. If you are away for a few hours, take them to a puppy daycare near you in Etobicoke, so they can socialize with other dogs.

If you need someone with whom you can trust your dog while you are at the office or running some errands, Hot Diggity Dogs Toronto offers doggy daycare services for busy Etobicoke pet owners. Call or send us a text at 647-931-9103, and we will arrange a meet and greet between our pack leader and your dog.



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