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pACK adventure

🌲🐾 Ready for an Adventures? Let's Roll, Puppers! 🐶✨

Our pack walks are the ultimate social playground for friendly furballs! 🎉 Three hours of fun in both outdoor and indoor bliss await your adventurous pup at our daycare facility. It's a playdate extravaganza, and includes pickup and drop off.

🚍 Bark Bus Schedule:
🕙 Pickup: 7:00AM-10:00AM
🕒 Dropoff: 1:00PM-2:00PM

🌈 Pack walks at Hot Diggity Dogs: where social skills are honed, tails are waggin', and good times are had by all! 🐾🐕

🚫 Heads up! Pups under 10 months, if unneutered or unspayed, might miss the pack walks. It's all about keeping the peace in our furry family. 🚷 Safety first, always!

pack adventure bark bus pickup HOURs

🕙 Pickup: 7:00AM-10:00Am
🕒 Dropoff: 1:00PM-2:00PM

saturday& sunday:
open foR daycare AND BOARDING only

price list

Click below to download our full Price List

pack walk Service Area

Great outdoor walking adventures awaits your dog!

They say, “A walk a day keeps the vet away.” True enough! Exercise and socialization are integral for your dog's health. As much as you always want to take your dog outside for a walk, your busy schedule may make it difficult to spend quality time with your pooch. As a responsible fur parent, you may want to consider looking for professional Etobicoke dog walking services to keep your pet healthy and active. Like hiring a babysitter, you need someone with whom you can trust your dog's well-being and safety while you are busy at home or work.


At Hot Diggity Dogs, we understand that dogs are not simply pets but a part of your family. Our bonded and insured dog walking services ensure that your pooch is in good hands and provide you with peace of mind. Getting a little help from our small crew of dog walkers can make a huge difference. You can turn to us when you need somebody reliable to take that off your plate. Our crew is always ready day in and day out, regardless of the weather, to show up on your dog’s scheduled walk.

Looking for the Best Dog Walking Services in Etobicoke?

Look No Further!


A long walk can bring a smile to your dog’s face.

Choosing the right dog walking service provider is a serious business. Hot Diggity Dogs puts our client’s trust and the safety and well-being of their pets on top of our priorities. Our small crew of reliable dog lovers and pack leaders are trained to give your furry family members the exercise and socialization they need while keeping the best interest of your dogs in mind. No matter what the size and age of your dogs, our crew of pack leaders will work with you and your pet to give them an enjoyable outdoor adventure and make their walks the best that they can be!


We are not just your regular dog walkers—we are professionals in what we do. We take our responsibility seriously when you entrust us to walk and care for your dogs. When we take charge of your dog, we make sure we give them the same level of care as you give your furbaby's safety and exercise needs.


Here are a few amazing benefits of exercising your dogs:


  • Good Health - Obesity has become an increasing health problem in dogs due to poor diet and lack of exercise. However, providing your dog with 3 or more 20-minute walks per day can help keep your dog's heart and blood pressure healthy, boost bone and muscle health, reduce stress, and control weight.


  • Eliminates Destructive Behaviours - Coming home to a ripped up magazine or chewed up pair of shoes? Daily dog walks can help eliminate destructive behaviours by providing your pup with a fun outlet to relieve their excess energy. Rest assured you will have a more relaxed pet and a clean home at the end of the day.


  • Promotes Socialization and Stimulation - Walking does not only give your pooch the exercise they need. Regular walking helps stimulate your pet's senses. It also allows them to explore new things and meet other people and animals, making them less anxious outside. Our individual dog walking services are perfect for pooches who love connecting with humans, while group walks are ideal for dogs that love to get more interaction with other furry friends. 


If you don’t have time to take your dog out for a walk, then a professional dog walking service is the best resource. At Hot Diggity Dogs, we make every walk a new adventure for your pup! Give us a call or send us a text at 647-931-9103, or use our contact form to reach us, and we will arrange a meet and greet between your dog and one of our trusted pack leaders.

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