Dog Walking Long branch
Dog Walking near me
Dog Walking near me
Dog Walking near me
Dog Walking near me
Dog Walking near me
Dog Walking near me


Jill is known for her ability to juggle dogs of all energy levels. Ever walked three crazy labradoodle's all at once? She has. Jill's been slinging poop bags since she was old enough to walk!


Rose is an absolute gem and loves going that extra mile with the pups so that they get the attention and exercise that they need. She's always bringing them for extra long walkies! She is a total sun bum and you'll see her walking around the neighborhood with a golden glow and a dog on her hip! How chic!! 



Tanya is the biggest suck when it comes to a cute little fluffy pup! She has a big heart and an even bigger treat bag. She's kind of like that aunt that gives candy to your children... but with dogs and cookies!



Pebbles is known for her love of beef liver and her ability to take multiple poops on a single walk. But, don't let that cute face fool you - rest easy knowing that your pooch will never have a boring day as long as Pebbles is on the job!


Behnaz loves walking pups in her free time and has her own little munchkin at home, Shadow! She is an absolute sweetheart and you can often find her walking along the Humber Bay waterfront with a pup on her hip!



Savanah is known for her killer puppy photoshoot skills. The girl who's lying in the grass at the park, taking photo's of a pup and desperately trying to capture all of  their best angles - that's Savanah.