We offer boarding services to members of the pack receiving walking and/or daycare services. Unfortunately we don't offer boarding as a service for clients who have been with us for less than a month as we reserve the spots for current pack mates!

Boarding rates include 26 hours of care. If you would like more than 26 hours, but not a full day, we charge the daycare rate for that day.


7 Days



7 Days


Dog Sitters Etobicoke

When busy work schedules or never-ending household chores prevent you from spending time with your pets, you may want to consider hiring professional dog sitters in Etobicoke who can take care of your dog. 


At Hot Diggity Dogs, rest assured that your pooch is in safe hands. We are your one-stop shop for all your dog sitting solutions. Whatever you do, have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets are taken care of by a bonded and insured dog sitter.  


Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Your Dogs Alone at Home


Dogs are naturally social animals that enjoy the company of their humans and other canines. Leaving them alone at home often for long hours may not only be unethical but can also pose concerns for their well-being.


  • Boredom may result in destructive behaviour - Coming home to a messy house? Chewed up stuff? Loneliness and boredom can trigger your dog’s naughty behaviour. When bored, your dog will look for something interesting in your house (and mind you, you may not like their picks). They can start barking nonstop, chew on stuff (including your favourite pair of shoes), and defecate and pee around the house. Even if you leave them with their favourite toys or tasty treats, your dogs will eventually become bored. So, best contact a dog sitter to keep them company for the meantime.


  • Health Hazards and Accidents - Leaving your dog alone can potentially lead to unfortunate events, such as poisoning, mishaps, and fires. Additionally, when your dog tries to "hold their pee in" for a long time, it can lead to urinary tract complications. 


  • Trigger Separation Anxiety and Loneliness - When you leave our home for work or run an errand, you might think your pooch will simply be napping comfortably, playing with their toys, or enjoying their treats. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Leaving them alone can make your pooch upset, not knowing when you will ever come back.



Trust Your Pets with Etobicoke Professional Dog Sitters


The Hot Diggity Dogs crew understands that it is not easy for pet owners to be away from your pooch even for a few hours. Our small crew of power “pup” girls have been keeping dogs' tails wagging since 2018 by providing them with caring and compassionate dog sitting services to ensure that your pet stays safe and comfortable in your absence. Knowing that your dogs are under the care and supervision of the best dog sitters in Etobicoke makes goodbyes a little less difficult. As bone-afide dog lovers, it is our pleasure to give your pet the same level of love and attention as you do.


Worry about what your dog is doing? We can send you photos and pupdates right to your phone! You can download and use our app to check what your pup got up to on their adventure!


So, if you are looking for exceptional dog sitting services, look no farther than Hot Diggity Dogs. We have all your pet sitting needs under one woof! Give us a call or send us a text at 647-931-9103, or fill in our contact form to send us a message. Our Pack Leaders will be happy to arrange a meet and greet with your beloved furbaby.